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Frases muy celebres

Frases muy celebres

Estos tips los encontré en un blog, estan buenisimos y muyyy ciertos! chequenlos!

My personal tips are….

  1. When you feel really inspired, drop everything and work! jeremy and i both do this often because a good idea is often gone the next morning.
  2. Make inspiration a priority. this means that if you have a favorite band, a favorite magazine or a favorite blog you make time for it, guilt free! small breaks for inspiration are always worth it when followed by a good creative workday!
  3. Surround yourself with positive people. find the people in your life who love you AND your work and make you feel really good about what you are doing. avoid negative people during busy work times!
  4. Make friends with other artists you admire. this is a must! friends in your industry will keep your inspired and challenged.
  5. Find a new obsession as often as you need to. obsessions keep me so inspired. find little things that you can fancy that make your day and cause you to think in a new direction.

Soy Lore, creadora de este blog #CorazónCreativoBlog poco a poco me he dado cuenta que hay planes que no se tienen que quedar en sueños, si nos convencemos que realmente se pueden hacer realidad. Aquí logré unir mis pasiones; compartir reflexiones de vida y fomentar una vida positiva, creativa y llena de inspiración.

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